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Attain A Superior Or Top Search Engine Position Permanently For Your Business

Do you want to super-charge your website by being at the top of search engine results and receive continuous free targeted traffic that converts into business (and profits) month after month? We now offer enhanced search engine optimization to a few clients at a time, subject to availability.


Attain top or leading positions in search engine results
This service is designed to give you a commanding or top position in search engine results for the keywords we target for your business.

When a potential client goes to a search engine like Google and types a relevant keyword (such as "sell my house in Austin"), your website can be among the first (or the first) in search engine results. That means they will visit your website.

Get targeted visitors that convert into business
The result is that your website receives a continuous flow of targeted visitors that can convert into clients for your business and profits. These visitors will keep finding your website without you having to do anything - and continuous profits for you.
Start seeing results immediately
You could start seeing results within a few days and gradually rise to a leading or top position. Though nobody controls search engines, you should start seeing results within a few days to around 3 weeks.
No more expensive search engine optimization
Search engine optimization costs thousands of dollars. With this service you will only have to pay a fraction of the normal cost for benefits that last a long time.

We Focus On Quality Content

When you buy our website, it is already optimized (On-site search engine optimization). This means that all the content is well optimized to the latest standards friendly to search engines. This service also offers off-site search engine optimization, which involves building high quality content and one-way quality links from third party websites to your website.

When other websites link to your website, search engines consider it as more popular, hence placing it at the top of other less popular websites. We increase the popularity of your website to give you a more commanding position, continuous targeted visitors and profits.


Limited to a few clients at a time
Due to the manual nature of service, we cannot take too many orders. If you find the order button has been taken down, then the service is not available
First come first served
We do not keep a waiting list for this service. In general, SEO work for your website will begin within a few days after your order
Designed to deliver superior or top organic search engine positions
While we do not promise any position, our methods will deliver permanent links to your website and permanent effect to your search engine rankings whether you target a local, national or worldwide audience
Leave it to the Pros
Don't know the first thing about SEO or Web 2.0 Marketing? We know this stuff down to the core; we will work to get you dominate in your niche!

WarningExtreme care must be taken when building links to your website for SEO purposes. For the first time ever, links can harm your website instead of having a positive effect. Unless you know what you are doing, leave it to the Pros to do this work for you.

Our methods are all white hat, and are not designed to trick search engines to rank your website highly. This means you cannot be affected negatively now, or in future when search engines implement new algorithms.


Since we started selling real estate investing websites, we have been giving a bonus that is meant to help our customers gain extra visibility in the search engines especially targeting their local market.

Even though the websites are fully optimized and submitted to the major search engines when we deliver them, a commanding or top position requires that you pay extra attention to your search engine optimization and back linking.

A sustained effort can give you a top position in organic searches on the search engines, potentially driving a lot of free business for weeks, months or years with little to no input from you.

From time to time, I randomly check real estate investor websites to find out if they have been submitted to the major local searches. My answer is almost always “NO”.

For this reason, we have launched a service just for real estate investors to optimize their websites for search engines and building sustained back links for long term commanding positions (or even top positions). This applies whether you target local, national or global markets. In some cases we can offer search engine optimization outside of real estate investing.

We understand search engines well and the methods we employ to build your visibility are all legitimate (white hat) methods.

This can push your website and your business to a superior or top search engine ranking

Here are a few recent examples. By the time of putting these up, the optimization process was about 2 weeks old.

#1 SEO Position

#1 SEO Position

#1 SEO Position

#2 SEO Position

This is not paid, pay-per-click traffic but free, organic traffic that keeps coming for weeks, months or even years.

The search engine rankings you get are likely to be permanent. A top ranking for your chosen keywords is not uncommon. What would this do to your business?

If you have bought our Real Estate Investing Websites, I invite you to go through the bonus titled "How To Attract Local House Buyers And Sellers On The Internet FREE".

If you have already gone through it (and hopefully implemented it), then you probably know that the more websites you have linking to your website, the more highly it gets ranked by the search engines.

You probably also know that links must come from the right websites that have page rank juice to pass to your website linked with the correct anchor keywords. You must also identify websites that offer one way do-follow links.

Quality Content Is Key

A Simpler Solution To Commanding Search Engine Positions.

This service targets building quality back links to your website. We focus on building quality content that helpful in real estate, and content that your potential cleints, buyers and sellers will find helpful.

In the process of building this content, we deliver links that stick permanently, probably giving you a permanent top position.


Website Audit Check  

We run an audit check of your website for the desired keywords for your business and update your website not only to deliver your message effectively, but also for search engine keywords. Even though your website is already optimized for search engines targeting your local market, it may be necessary to optimize it further depending on the niche you are targeting.

The keywords we target for you must part of your title, description and content on your website as well as anchor test for the links we build for you for the best results.

Submit your website to 1000 free directories  

We only focus on high quality directories that focus on quality content. We will not submit your website to directories that offer classified ads or similar content.

We will manually open accounts and submit content and your website URL.
Result: 1000 links to your website

Profile links to 200 web 2.0 websites  

Open accounts in 200 web 2.0 websites along with descriptions, URL, keywords and profile picture if you have one. These are profiles complete with all your personal details, pictures, business description specifically optimized with keywords for your niche and business. Examples would be websites like, twitter, facebook, etc.

A lot of these websites are integrated with blogs that accept quality content.

Social media are very powerful in getting the word out there. We hand over these accounts to you so you continue to operate them even when our work is complete.
Result: 200 links to your website

Social bookmaking to 150 websites   Bookmark your website to approximately 100 social bookmaking websites. Most social bookmarks are indexed by search engines within a few hours.
Result: 100 links to your website
Submit article to 300 Article sites  

We will write articles relevant to your niche; that is well researched, educative, and with keywords relevant to your niche. The focus is quality content.

Search engines love article sites, and the fresh content delivered through these sites.

Your readers will respect your expertise, and they are likely to find you in the search engines through these articles.

We will then manually submit these articles to 300 article sites along with your name, keywords and website address.
Result: 300 links to your website

Submit press release to 40 free press release websites  

A press release is just what it sounds like - "Press Release". It is news released and re-distributed to different media that can then re-print those news, with a link back to your website.

Writing a press release requires specific expertise to turn your message into a newsworthy message that news media can accept to print and distribute.

Not only does this build your search engine positions, it also brings you direct business once your news gets distributed.

A simple press release can continue bringing you business for months after its release. Of course, you appear in Google News, Yahoo news, AOL, etc within hours.
Result: hundreds of links to your website

Submit website 15 top RSS aggregators  

RSS syndication is crucial in today's world for distributing information to third party websites (including a link to your website). Your website or articles can then be picked by hundreds or thousands of other websites along with a link back to your website.

We will submit your website and articles to the top 15 RSS sites.
Result: hundreds of links to your website

Total   1540+ links $1294

Time-Limited Offer: $549

We are running this service for a special price of $549. We cannot split any service; we have to deliver it as a complete package on a first come, first served basis.

This is a manual service. Each link, each word, each description, each profile picture, etc must be manually submitted following the rules of each website.

We understand search engines well and pay particular attention to details necessary for favorable search engine rankings.

This is not an automated service, but a service that must be done with particular attention to not only your website, but also you market, niche and careful attention to rules each website imposes to accept your links.

What We Deliver

We deliver a report in microsoft excel containing all the services listed above. We also deliver an email account with all the confirmation email messages.

How long does it take?

This is a manual service that takes at least 90 to 120 days or more to complete. We invest a lot of time in creating quality content.

With SEO slow but sure is the way to go. We analyze our links every step of the way. We have to develop a natural trend that is maintained throughout this process. Our speed of progress is determined by knowing that it is safe to increase or decrease our speed.

Potentially we can complete this work in a few days, but your website would simply disappear from the search engines. It is not a good idea to build a huge back link campaign in a few days, or the search engines can penalize you for it. Slow but sure and your results will stick for a long time. In other words,

If you are looking for quick SEO traffic, we do not offer it

Our SEO process is all white hat, and diligently works to get you a commanding position that can stick for a long time, potentially for years. If you need quick traffic to your website, this is not the place to get it.

Once it is completed we will send you a complete report.


Some classified and article directories take a few days to review and accept or reject the links submitted. Most (if not all) these directories are manually reviewed by human beings. Some take as long as 2 months before being approved.

Once links have been approved and are online, it takes a while (few days to a few weeks) for search engines to index the pages containing your links.

The search engine results will therefore not be instant but can take a few weeks to become apparent. As long as a link has been approved, its contribution to your search engine rankings will continue for a long time.


Most of the submissions are reviewed manually. While we review each submission manually to follow each directory submission rules, nobody can guarantee that they will be accepted. It is the discretion of the directory owner to accept or reject any submission. While some submissions could be rejected, at least 80% to over 90% should be accepted. We do not guarantee any number, but we work to get you the highest acceptance rates. It is likely that you will end up with at least 1000 links to your website.

Likewise, nobody controls search engines. While we understand how they work, we can only wait to review the results within a few weeks after the work is completed. As such, nobody can guarantee any position in the search engines. It is likely that you will see a quick position change almost immediately, but the best results must be sustainable.

We will deliver a ton of specific work targeted towards giving you a top ranking for your website, therefore increased business now and in the future.

This is a service that must be done manually, spending many man hours of input over several months. Due to this manual nature of this service, we are unable to offer a money-back guarantee. Most of the money you pay goes to pay for this labor. Once the work is done, we cannot offer refunds. We will show you all the work and submissions performed for your website. The best we can do is to wait for results to become apparent.

You will receive a full refund if you cancel before your SEO work starts. No refunds can be issued after that. If you do need to cancel you must cancel BEFORE your SEO work has started.

All the SEO methods we follow are 100% white hat not meant to cheat search engines, but provide a long-term superior position in the search engines.

Time-Limited Offer: $1294 $549



Targeted Squeeze Pages Search Engine Optimization that delivers Targeted Traffic and Profits

Yes A customized service that targets your business to top positions in search engines

Yes One-time effort lasts a long time, sometimes for years - bringing you traffic and clients for years

Yes Start seeing results within a few days to a few weeks

Yes Get your website attracting business for you automatically through organic searches

Yes Time limited offer - $1294 $549

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I mean there's 50 different search terms where we popped up on the very first page.

It's amazing. I don't know of anybody else that has even anything close to that.

Give me a call and maybe I'll send you a copy of research firms and some information maybe you can make some good advertising on your site or for whatever purpose for your financial benefit.

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